75 FREE Firearms Videos

First, I have a question about the 1976 Vehicle Ambush video, which I linked to in my first post on this blog….

…if one were to try that in a car nowadays, would the air bags deploy? (Some of the maneuvers, if you haven’t seen it, include ramming into a car, if it is purposely blocking the roadway, etc.) Wondering. If you know, please leave a comment, thanks.

Anyway – Avast, ye gun nuts! šŸ˜€

These FREE films (courtesy of the United States government and the folks at Archive.org) are about guns, weaponry, etc. Most of these are gov’t films so your tax dollars already paid for them; you can watch them online or download each movie for viewing later on.

Here’s how to download: on each video’s page you’ll see a menu on the left hand side. Right-click your mouse on the link and choose SAVE AS to download it. MPEG4 (.MP4) is the most popular of the file types:

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After this list of videos there’s a 2nd (get it?) list of links to 100+ free E-Books & military manuals at the Archive.org Ebook and Texts Archive.

(Materials made by the gov’t or FOR the gov’t like films and manuals, books, etc are Public Domain in the USA; someone had asked about that….)

  1. .40 Caliber Cartridge (1998) FLETC: “This video demonstrates the effectiveness of the .40 caliber cartridge when used with the modified 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Using targets such as boat hulls, mailboxes, car doors, and car windows, this training tape focuses on the firepower. “
  2. Advanced Combat Rifle (February 26, 1991) “The Defense Department has begun an intensive search for a weapon technology that will at least double the effectiveness of the rifleman in combat. This program briefly describes the four advanced firearm prototypes currently being developed by independent contractors. The new firing range at Ft. Benning will be used to test the effectiveness of the prototypes. a brief history of the army rifle is also presented.”
  3. Angel and the Badman iPod version (1947) “John Wayne plays Quirt Evans, a gunslinger with a nasty rep who is injured and nursed back to health by a Quaker family.” Public domain.
  4. Annie Oakley (1894) “Annie Oakley was probably the most famous marksman/woman in the world when this short clip was produced in Edison’s Black Maria studio in West Orange, New Jersey. “
  5. The Armalite AR-10 “This is a promotional film for the Armalite AR-10. This is the rifle that led to the M-16 currently used by US forces. It features field-stripping, the belt-fed version, and Eugene Stoner running onto a beach firing from the hip.”
  6. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Dr. Bruce D. Ragsdale, and Arnold R. JosselsonTerminal Effects of Projectiles from Antique and Modern Firearms in Ordnance Gelatin / Bone Targets (A1908-83-0010) “Ballistics experiments conducted by shooting bones embedded in gelatin blocks, done at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology by Dr. Bruce D. Ragsdale, M.D., Orthopedic Pathology Department, AFIP & Arnold R. Josselson, LTC, USAF, MC, Forensic Sciences Department, AFIP. Film is circa 1970.”
  7. Baptism of Fire “Baptism of Fire is an US Army documentary that shows the anxiety associated with going into combat for the first time.”
  8. Bayonet Training “WWII USMC training film on the use of the bayonet. (partial film)”
  9. Bench Rest Shooting Introduction “Bench rest shooting in competition is the most precise of all shooting sports. Custom made rifles superbly accurate for group shooting at 100, 200 and 300 yards or meters. Precision made rifle barrels, highest quality rifle scopes,and hand-loaded ammunition. Gunsmithing is of the highest precision.”
  10. Big Picture: Commence Firing “From colonial days, marksmanship has been an American tradition. In this film presentation, television audiences will visit the Armory at Springfield, Massachusetts, established in 1794. Gunsmiths here have created the basic weapons for our fighting forces. The Armory is the small arms center of the U.S. forces. Here, are concentrated the Ordnance Corps facilities for experimental development of hand weapons, including rifles and automatic weapons–also for pilot line production. Included in “Commence Firing,” is footage of the Camp Perry, Ohio World Series of Marksmanship, sponsored jointly by the National Rifle Association and the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice.”
  11. Cleaning Rifle Barrel Bore. “Rifle barrel cleaning is the most important,to keep the accuracy of rifles in order. Copper fowling and powder fowling will accumulate in rifle barrel bore and cause rifle to become erratic in accuracy. Groups will open up in size. In Bench rest shooting the barrel is usually cleaned after 15 to 25 shots. In varmint shooting with high caliber, it is advisable to use same interval in cleaning barrel bore.”
  12. Dale Williams interviews Aaron Zelman of JPFO.org “Dale Williams interviews Aaron Zelman of JPFO.org on why gun owners should NOT support the NRA”
  13. DEA Cop Shoots Himself In The Foot During Gun Safety Demonstration (2005) šŸ˜®
  14. Escape (1954) “This is a training film which shows case studies of how one would escape if one were taken captive as a prisoner of war.”
  15. The Expandable Baton (1997) FLETC: “This is a training film which shows case studies of how one would escape if one were taken captive as a prisoner of war.”
  16. Firearms Friday 1 (2008) “Program #375 Cohost: Michael Adams of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association’s Appleseed Project: FIREARMS FRIDAY! The first blood shed in the American Revolution was on April 19th, 1775 on Lexington green, more than a year before our cherished Declaration of Independence was signed. The Appleseed Project hopes to teach everyone the history causing our country’s separation from English rule, and how to shoot your rifle accurately – just in case we have to suppress a different dictatorship in the future.”
  17. Firearms Friday 2 (2008) “Program #375 Cohost: Michael Adams of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association’s Appleseed Project: FIREARMS FRIDAY! The first blood shed in the American Revolution was on April 19th, 1775 on Lexington green, more than a year before our cherished Declaration of Independence was signed. The Appleseed Project hopes to teach everyone the history causing our country’s separation from English rule, and how to shoot your rifle accurately – just in case we have to suppress a different dictatorship in the future.”
  18. Firearms Examination, ca. 1970 – ca. 1979 “Shows techniques and methods used by FBI firearms investigation unit in identifying, comparing, and examining bullets, cartridges, firearms, residue, fingerprints, and other evidence for possible identification of weapons used in crimes.”
  19. Fundamentals of Ballistics (1949) “Principles of physics involved in design and functioning of weapons and ammunition, with particular reference to their artillery application.”
  20. Fundamentals of Double Action Revolver Shooting (April 28, 1975) “Explains fundamentals of handling double action revolvers. Illustrates various positions, correct grip, methods of aiming and sighting. Shows how to acquire confidence, speed and marksmanship. Emphasizes the necessity of having great respect for the deadliness of the revolver. Simulated gun battles afford tips on boosting the chances of survival when “playing for keeps” with the underworld.”
  21. Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship (1999): U.S. Marine Corps “This program explains and demonstrates the proper fundamentals of aiming, breath control, and trigger control in rifle markmanship.
  22. Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship “Demonstrates the elements of the integrated act of shooting in a burlesque of an instruction period on the 25-meter rifle range”
  23. Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons – Part I The Cycle of Operation (1945) “Processes of chambering, locking, firing, and cocking explained in detail – functional model built up to illustrate each step.”
  24. Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons – Part II (1945) “Explains four basic types of operation: manual, gas, blowback and recoil – application of operating principles to weapons.”
  25. Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons – Part III Semiautomatic and Automatic Fire (1945) “Typical firing mechanisms constructed with models and basic principles of the two firing methods are demonstrated.”
  26. Gary Hinz – The Right to Bear Arms (2008) “National Rifle Association benefactor, Gary Hinz, talks about why gun ownership is an American right.”
  27. Gun Silencer in action, on a 22 Semi automatic BRNO rifle “Demonstration of a gun silencer on a Semi automatic 22 rifle. Effective sound suppression of this gun silencer suppressor. With a 22 long rifle ammunition, the only sound you hear is the firing pin fall! Very good hearing protection for shooters.”
  28. Guns at Springfield, the (1971) “Shows the story of the development of the US army’s small arms from the french and indian war through the vietnam war, in a tour through the springfield armory museum.”
  29. Guns versus Crime. John R. Lott, Jr., Esq. “Mr. Lott is Professor of Law at Yale University and author of More Guns, Less Crime. Doctors for Disaster Preparedness 2000 Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA”
  30. Camouflage for Evasion (1968) “Depicts techniques of personal and equipment camouflage for survival in enemy territory. Shows different types of camouflage and shelters in jungle, desert and arctic environments. Explains how to find or construct obscure hiding places and points out areas to be avoided. Discusses restrictions on campfires.”
  31. Combat in Deep Snow and Extreme Cold (July 1, 1950) “infantry rifle company illustrates combat technique and survival methods applicable to arctic conditions”
  32. Combat Firing with Hand Guns (1944) “Correct grips; three basic firing positions; firing quickly and instinctively.”
  33. Every Soldier Is A Sensor (2006) “The individual Soldier is the most capable, sophisticated collector of intelligence in today’s Army. In order to fully harness this capability, the Army must ensure that “Every Soldier is a Sensor.”
  34. Fighting Men: Kill or Be Killed “This [WWII] military training film shows that there are no rules of sportsmanship or fair play on the battlefield. As expressed in the film: ‘Anything goes when the stakes are kill or be killed.’ Soldiers were encouraged to use any weapon that comes to hand which could be anything from a rifle, to a bayonet or hand grenade.”
  35. Gary Hinz – The Right to Bear Arms (2008) “National Rifle Association benefactor, Gary Hinz, talks about why gun ownership is an American right.”
  36. German Sniper Training (1944) Captured enemy film.
  37. M203 Grenade Launcher – Part II Functions (1971) “shows function of each part in a cutaway model of the launcher during cocking, chambering, locking, firing, extraction, ejection, and loading.”
  38. Guns Are Different – Firearms Safety (1980) “Primitive weapons are relatively safe to use, but guns are shown to be different in a series of Air Force accidents. A young Sgt drops his pistol which promptly shoots him in the leg. A survival instructor falls asleep with his revolver in his hand, it fires, and he loses a finger. A security policeman kills a friend during an exercise. A hunter kills a friend on a hunting trip. A father leaves his revolver under his pillow which is found by his young son who kills his sister. If guns are not handled properly, they will get the user or someone else — accidentally.”
  39. Infantry Weapons and their Effects (1954) “U.S. pistol caliber .45, submachine gun caliber .45, U.S. carbine, caliber .30. mechanical characteristics, operation, and use in combat.”
  40. Introduction to Firearms (1994) FLETC: “Provides an overview of basic procedures for the safe and effective use of revolvers. Covers stance, grip, and trigger control. Demonstrates proper alignment of sights, loading and unloading, and how to safely uncock a standard service revolver. For recruits.”
  41. (1/2) Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America, on The Talk To Solomon Show LIVE – 032510.02 “Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America (GunOwners.org), returns to the program on this, the March 25th, 2010 broadcast of The Talk To Solomon Show LIVE, to fill us in on what he’s been up to in the wake of Obama’s Health Care bill passing to ensure the government doesn’t come for him and his guns–and also sheds a little light on what YOU can do to protect yourself as well. This piece is the first of Pratt’s interview and aired LIVE during the bottom half of the first hour of production–the second segment of the evening.Larry Pratt is a guest on the program twice a month, so please..stay tuned for more!”
  42. (2/2) Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America, on The Talk To Solomon Show LIVE – 032510.03 “Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America (GunOwners.org), returns to the program on this, the March 25th, 2010 broadcast of The Talk To Solomon Show LIVE, to fill us in on what he’s been up to in the wake of Obama’s Health Care bill passing to ensure the government doesn’t come for him and his guns–and also sheds a little light on what YOU can do to protect yourself as well. This piece is the second half of Pratt’s interview and aired LIVE during the top half of the second hour of production–the third segment of the evening. Larry Pratt is a guest on the program twice a month, so please.. stay tuned for more! “
  43. Machinegun, 7.62MM, M60, Pperation and Cycle of Functioning (1960) “design and capabilities – operation – loading, aiming, cocking, firing, unloading – functioning – feeding, chambering, locking, firing, extraction, ejecting, cocking.”
  44. Machinegun, 77.62mm, tank m73 – part i operation and disassembly and assembly (1962) “features and capabilities – techniques for clearing, loading, firing and unloading weapons – methods and procedures for disassembly and assembly of the six main component groups of weapons.”
  45. Making of a Shooter (ca. 1946) “This Kodachrome film shows how a teenage boy learns to become a safe and accurate shooter. Famous riflemen appearing include Ned Lilly, Dick Shaughnessy, Thurman Randle, and Fred Armstrong.”
  46. Management of Mass Casualties, Part X: Management of Psychological Casualties (1958) “One in a series of military training films that can only be described as post-apocalyptic.”
  47. Man to Man (1947) “Salesmanship and psychology instruction for gun dealers.”
  48. Marine Corps Combat Leadership Skills (1986) “Actor and WWII veteran Lee Marvin narrates this USMC training film on combat leadership.”
  49. Mines and booby trap course, Cu Chi, South Vietnam (1967) “Instructor showing students booby traps. Soldiers are briefed before entering course. Students enter the course. VS, instructor talking to students seated in stand. CUs, booby traps and mines laid out on table. Instructor with class. Vietcong weapon is passed through the class. Student enters booby trap display area. CUs, various types of punji traps. Students exits from display area. Signs in display area. MS, mock cemetery. CU, gravestone inscribed : “Could This Be You.” Explosion by sign “Boobytrap.” Board listing VIP casualties headed by Gen. William C. Westmoreland. Sign at entrance to course area. Officer describes purpose of the school. Students going thru the course. Instructor explains one of the traps to the students. Students continue along trail of the course. Instructor explains another trap to the students. MS, mock grave marker with smoke billowing around it. Zoom in on word: “Yours”.”
  50. National Rifle Association NET 3/17 American Family “Discussion regarding proposed federal requirement for gun safety lock. Eddie Eagle Program NRA sponsored gun safety program for children.”
  51. One At A Time (1969) “This film shows how some of oldest gun makers in world make guns.”
  52. Powder Creek Cowboys April 2007 (2007) “This is a cowboy action shooting event at the Powder Creek Cowboys. April 2007. Shows what in a musical mode what happens at a Cowboy Action Shooting CAS event.”
  53. Protective Mask Fitting and Drill (1962) “how to select mask – procedures for fitting, testing, and adjusting mask – steps in executing mask drill – importance of drill for quick masking for survival.”
  54. Range Safety (1990) “reinforces the firearms instructor’s knowledge of range safety procedures as well as alert him/her to common safety violations. Examples of common student safety violations when using semi-automatic handguns, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and special guns.”
  55. Reinforced Rifle Platoon in the Attack of a Built-up Area, Part 2 – the Attack, the (1954) “tactical planning–the attack–each building offers a different complexity of fighting–emphasis on surprise, firepower and teamwork.” I don’t see pt 1 anywhere….
  56. Reloading ammunition for rifles “Hand reloading ammunition for rifles. Custom made dies, bullet seater and neck die. Precision powder measure and arbor press. Demonstration of how to reload rifle ammunition with precise tools”
  57. The Rifle – USMC Training Film 1960s “A US Marine Corps Training film from the 1960s that covers the basics of marksmanship and rifle care and maintenance.”
  58. Rifle, 5.56mm XM16e1 operation and cycle of functioning (1966) “Field care and cleaning of wet and dirty rifle and ammunition; use of cleaning expedients on loss of rifle cleaning equipment; use of sla to prevent weapon failure; and emergency action when weapon fails to fire.”
  59. Rifle Marksmanship with the M1 Rifle (1942) “Official US War Department films shown to GIs in boot camp on how to shoot the M1 Garand Rifle. This archive consists of five out the six films. Part one is missing.”
  60. Rifle – U.S. Cal. .30 M1 – Principles of Operation (1943) “This Army Training film explains the principles of operation of the M1 (Garand) Infantry Rifle”
  61. Rounds of Authority (1997) “This video addresses conventional, specialty, and exotic shotgun ammunition. It describes the capabilities and shows the effects of the various rounds on an assortment of substances. “
  62. Self Defense and Disarmament Circa 1946 “Los Angeles Police Department training program to increase ability of their personnel to defend themselves and to disarm adversaries. Demonstrates value of judo, wrestling, and similar techniques.” –
  63. The Shooting of Dan McGoo “This is a banned Tex Avery cartoon This is part of my collection of banned and censored cartoons. When a group of people work to ban a certain media then part of their heritage is lost as a result. Many types of media I do not agree with, but I do not complain to have it banned. Remember the Soviet Union. They had to basically relearn their own history by going back to books written before the revolution.”
  64. Shooting for Survival, ca. 1960 – ca. 1969 FBI: “Basic rule for survival against hostile fire is to take cover. Defensive firearms training that includes technical skills and target practice survival skills for law enforcement agents. Scenes of agents taking cover and scenes of target practice are shown throughtout.”
  65. Staff Sgt. Refuses Gun Grab – Reality Report Special Interview “The Reality Report presents an interview by Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers with Staff Sergeant Joshua May. They discuss how Sgt. May and the Utah National Guard refused to take guns away from people during Hurricane Katrina.”
  66. Nordyke v. King Oral Argument “San Francisco Chronicle reporter Bob Egelko was interviewed about a case invoving the application of the Second Amendment by states and gun shows. The date of the interview is not known. On January 15, 2009, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument in Nordyke v. King. The Court would decide if the ban by Alameda County, California, ban on gun shows on the county fairgrounds is unconstitutional. Gun show promoters Russell and Sallie Nordyke contended that the ban violates their First Amendment right of free speech and their Second Amendment right to bear arms. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors passed the ban in 1999 after eight people were injured in a shooting at the 1998 county fair. In 2008 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. Filmed by C-SPAN.”
  67. Big Picture: Stay Alert, Stay Alive “This film portrays the strenuous six-day, eighty-hour training period which the replacement soldier received in Vietnam. This training was designed to supplement the soldier’s stateside training with more specific training that reflected the climate and terrain conditions in which he eventually fought. “
  68. Stay Alert, Stay Alive: The Techniques and Mechanics of Arrest, ca. 1960 – ca. 1969 “Proper and improper arrest procedures are portrayed. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover inviting law enforcement officers and other such agencies to use FBI training facilities. Emphasizes precautionary measures in making arrest to avoid endangering lives of officers or bystanders. Points out that officers should know fundamentals of a successful arrest and that there is no such thing as routine arrest.”
  69. Stop That Tank! (1942 “Stop That Tank! (AKA Boys Anti-Tank Rifle) Disney created this 1942 training film for the Canadian government.”
  70. Survival Tactics Training Facility (1996) “depicts responses in the upper range of the use of force scale”
  71. Big Picture: To Keep and Bear Arms “Since the discovery of America by Columbus, the rifle has played a significant role in helping our great country fight for and maintain its freedom. This week’s issue of THE BIG PICTURE, narrated by Craig Stevens of “Peter Gunn” fame, offers a moving insight into the history of the rifle and the part it has played in our nation’s development.”
  72. U.S. rifle, caliber 7.62MM, M14 – operation and cycle of functioning “Design and capabilities – field stripping provisions – cycle of functioning – feeding, chambering, locking, firing, etc. – semiautomatic and automatic operation.”
  73. Use of Deadly Force (1996) “This video outlines the minimum guidelines of the use of force policy as promulgated by both the Department of Justice and the Treasury Department”
  74. What You Should Know About Biological Warfare (1952) “How can we protect ourselves against the threats of germs and toxins? Cold War America gears up to fend off threats from unconventional bioweapons.”
  75. Big Picture: White of Their Eyes “In an historical survey which spans the 181 years of the American republic, the program describes how the citizen responds to the call to arms when it is necessary to defend his family and country.”

Here are 100+ arms-related e-books for FREE download at Archive.org (which I’m not affiliated with, by the way). There’s a menu on the left-side for each of these book’s webpages. If you click on a link for one of the e-book formats (like for Kindle), it creates the file on-the-fly so be patient when downloading.

If you find one you like, why don’t you leave a review & that will help another poor, gun-and-religion-clinging poor unfortunate American to find it in the future. šŸ˜€

Free Firearms E-Books:

  1. 20-mm automatic gun M1 and 20-mm aircraft automatic gun AN-M2 (1942) United States. War Dept
  2. An address on the formation of rifle associations for defensive purposes, delivered in the town hall, Guleph, on Wednesday evening, the 15th of August, 1866 Howitt, Dr
  3. Aiming and firing : the Hythe method of instructing recruits : with a note on fire discipline training (1916) “Hanbury, H. Wood “
  4. The American rifle; a treatise, a text book, and a book of practical instruction in the use of the rifle (1918) Whelen, Townsend, 1877-1961
  5. American rifleman’s enclycopedia (1902) Gould, Arthur Corbin, 1850-1903
  6. The American sharp-shooter; a treatise on gunnery, illustrating the practical use of the telescope as a sight, as applicable to the rifle, rifle battery, artillery, etc (1862) Wood, Daniel
  7. The American shotgun (1910) Askins, Charles.
  8. Angelo’s Bayonet exercise (1853) Angelo, Henry Charles
  9. Army Technical Manual (for M16 rifle) – TM9-1005-249-23P (1991) United States Army
  10. The art of revolver shooting (1911) Winans, Walter, 1852-1920
  11. Broad-Sword and Single-Stick With Chapters on Quarter-Staff, Bayonet, Cudgel, Shillalah, Walking-Stick, Umbrella and Other Weapons of Self-Defence (1911) Headley, Rowland George Allanson Allanson-Winn, Baron, 1855-1935
  12. Cartridge manufacture; a treatise covering the manufacture of rifle cartridge cases, bullets, powders, primers and cartridge clips, and the designing and making of the tools used in connection with the production of cartridge cases and bullets (1916) Hamilton, Douglas Thomas, 1885-
  13. Combined infantry and cavalry drill regulations for automatic machine rifle, caliber .30, model of 1909 United States War Dept (1917)
  14. The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen: The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen: With Directions for Handling the Gun, the Rifle, and the Rod, the Art of Shooting on the Wing, the Breaking, Management, and Hunting of the Dog, the Varieties and Habits of Game, River, Lake, and Sea Fishing, Etc. (1864)Forester, Frank
  15. A Complete System of Fence for the British Magazine Rifle, Explaining the Use of Point, Edges, and Butt, Both in Offence and Defence; Comprising Also a Glossary of English, French and Italian Terms Common to the Art of Fencing, with a Bibliographical List of Works Affecting the Bayonet (1890) Hutton, Alfred
  16. The crack shot; or, Young rifleman’s complete guide: being a treatise on the use of the rifle, with rudimentary and finishing lessons; including a full description of the latest improved breech-loading weapons, rules and regulations for target practice; directions for hunting game found in the United States and British province, etc., etc (1868) Barber, Edward C
  17. DA Pam 750-30 (1969) US Army comic book for maintenance of the M16A1 rifle
  18. The Dead shot; or, Sportman’s complete guide; (1882) Marksman, pseud
  19. Deep gallery shelters (1917) Army War College (U.S.); United States. War Dept
  20. Description of the Colt’s double-action revolver, caliber .45, model of 1909 : with rules for management, memoranda of trajectory, and description of ammunition, September 10, 1909 (1917) United States. Army. Ordnance Dept
  21. Description and Rules for the Management of the U.S. Magazine Rifle Model of 1898 and the Magazine Carbine Model of 1899 .30 Caliber (1917) United States Army Ordnance Dept
  22. Experts on guns and shooting Buckell, George Teasdale
  23. The Family fallout shelter (1959) Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization
  24. Field water supply (1961) United States. Dept. of the Army
  25. First hints on rifle shooting (1876)Humphry, Alfred Paget
  26. The Forest and stream hand-book for riflemen (1876)Starr, George C.
  27. The gun book for boys and men (1918) McKee, Thomas Heron
  28. Guns, ammunition, and tackle (1904) Money, Albert W. (Albert William), b. 1839
  29. The gun and its development (1910) Greener, W. W. (William Wellington)
  30. Gun making in the United States (1907) Birnie, Rogers, 1851-1939
  31. Hand grenades; a handbook on rifle and hand grenades (1917) Ainslie, Graham Montgomery, 1881-
  32. Hints on revolver shooting (1910) Winaus, Walter
  33. Hints to Riflemen (1894) Cleveland, HWS
  34. Hints on the use and handling of firearms generally, and the revolver in particular (1885) Curling, H.O.
  35. How to become an expert shot (1875) Prescott, Charles Edwin
  36. How to Keep House in a Foxhole (1945) United States. Army. Forces in the European Theater. Information and Education Division.
  37. How to out-think your opponent : or, T.N. tactics for close-in fighting (1918) Williams, Al, b. 1888
  38. How to shoot (1907) Wingate, George Wood, 1840-1928
  39. How to shoot (including Care and preservation of the rifle) (c1917) Moss, James A. (James Alfred), 1872-1941
  40. How to Shoot the U.S. Army Rifle (1943) Infantry Journal
  41. The how and why wonder book of guns (1963) Robbin, Irving
  42. An illustrated treatise on the art of shooting (1906) Lancaster, Charles
  43. Individual & Family Preparedness The National plan for civil defense and defense mobilization (1958) – United States. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization.
  44. Irish Riflemen in America Leech, Arthur Blennerhassett – I put this one in here because it’s St. Patrick’s Day :MrGreen:
  45. Jiu-jitsu : a comprehensive and copiously illustrated treatise on the wonderful Japanese method of attack and self-defense (1904) Skinner, Harry H. (Harry Hall), b. 1858
  46. Machine guns. pt. I. Mechanism (1917) Hatcher, Julian S. (Julian Sommerville), 1888-1963; Wilhelm, Glenn P., 1889-; Malony, Harry J., 1889-
  47. Manual of Bayonet Exercise: Prepared for the Use of the Army of the United States (1856) McClellan, George B.
  48. Manual of Bayonet Exercises, United States Army (provisional) 1907 (1907) United States War Dept. General Staff
  49. Manual of Military Training Second, Revised Edition Moss, James A. (James Alfred), 1872-1941
  50. The Manual and platoon exercises of riflemen (1835)
  51. Manual of water purification procedures, prepared for Corps of engineers, U.S. army (1944) Wallace and Tiernan Company, inc., New York
  52. Manufacture of artillery ammunition (1917) Alford, Leon Pratt, 1877-1942, ed; Van Deventer, John Herbert, 1881-; Suverkrop, E. A; Mawson, Robert; Colvin, Fred Herbert, 1867-
  53. Modern American pistols and revolvers. An account of the development of pistols and revolvers in America; (1894) Gould, Arthur Corbin, 1850-1903
  54. Modern rifle shooting from the American standpoint (1903) Hudson, Walter Guy, 1870-
  55. Modern shot guns (1891) Greener, William Wellington
  56. Modern sporting gunnery, a manual of practical information for shooters of to-day (1906) Sharp, Henry
  57. Musketry, (.303 and .22 cartridges) : elementary training, visual training, judging distance, fire discipline, range practices, field practices (1915) Solano, E. John
  58. Notes on training for rifle fire in trench warfare (1917) United States. Army War College, Washington, D.C
  59. Ordnance and gunnery; a text-book prepared for the cadets of the United States military academy, West Point (1907) Lissak, Ormond M. (Ormond Mitchell)
  60. Notes on bayonet training, no. 2 : adapted from a Canadian publication (1917) Army War College (U.S.)
  61. Notes on rifle-shooting (1864) Heaton, Henry William
  62. Notes on Training for Rifle Fire in Trench Warfare (1917) Army War College
  63. Operator’s Manual For M16, M16A1 (1984)
  64. An oration on the forty fifth anniversary of American independence, delivered before the Charleston riflemen (1820) Elfe, Robert
  65. Our Rifles: Firearms in American history (1920) Sawyer, Charles Winthrop, 1868-
  66. Patten’s Infantry Tactics and Bayonet Exercise Patten, George
  67. Practical rifle shooting (1906) Winans, Walter, 1852-1920
  68. Principles of squad instruction for the broadsword (1872 [c1869]) Corbesier, A. J. (Antoine J.)
  69. Provisional Instruction on the Automatic Rifle, Model 1915 (Chauchat) (1918) United States Army . American Expeditionary Forces, Army, United States, American Expeditionary Forces , War Dept
  70. A report on the feasibility and advisability of some policy to inaugurate a system of rifle practice throughout the public schools of the country (1907) Wingate, George Wood
  71. Rifle clubs (1899) Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892
  72. Rifle and musketry exercises for the Ross rifle (1914) Canada. Dept. of Militia and Defence
  73. Rifle range construction, a text-book to be used in the construction of rifle ranges, with details of all parts of the work (1909) Wilson, H. C
  74. Rifles and shotguns; the art of rifle and shotgun shooting for big game and feathered game, with special chapters on military rifle shooting (1917) Miller, Warren H.
  75. The rifle shot’s manual, giving hints how to attain close and accurate rifle shooting (1900) Smith, Henry
  76. Rifle training for war (1919) Brookhart, Smith Wildman, 1869-1944; National Rifle Association of America; National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice
  77. The science of gunnery, as applied to the use and construction of fire arms (1841) Greener, William, d. 1869
  78. The science of self defence. A treatise on sparring and wrestling, including complete instructions in training and physical development. Also, several remarks upon, and a course prescribed for the reduction of corpulency (1867) Price, Edmund, E
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  98. training manuals sorted by popularity (downloads)
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  106. You can be an expert rifleman (1963) Briggs, Frank

Next week’s post will be about The Constitution.

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  1. […] I just added a link to The Free Film Girl to Recommended Sites.Ā  The Free Film Girl has collected a bunch of FREE films (most of which are courtesy of the United States government and the folks at Archive.org) and put them all in one place for our downloading pleasure. The films are organized by topic, for example 50 FREE survival / prepper videos and 75 FREE Firearms Videos. […]

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