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30 Free Revolutionary War / Declaration of Independence Videos

These FREE films (courtesy of the United States government and the folks at have to do with the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War. Most of these are gov’t films so your tax dollars already paid for them; you can watch them online or download each movie for viewing later on.

Here’s how to download: on each video’s page you’ll see a menu on the left hand side. Right-click your mouse on the link and choose SAVE AS to download it. MPEG4 (.MP4) is the most popular of the file types: Screen Shot

  1. The Musical Side of Thomas Jefferson “Explore the lesser-known talent of Thomas Jefferson as you learn about the music of the Colonial period, played and collected by our third president.”
  2. Lesson 2: The American Revolution (1999) “This program covers the tactics, campaigns, and leadership of the colonial army. it discusses the comparison of leadership, history and its importance to today’s army.”
  3. War Comes to America (1942) “Reel 1 dramatizes the early settling of the U.S., the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and a winter at Valley Forge. It explains the colonists’ thirst for independence.”
  4. History of the US Navy – War of Independence, 1775-1783 (1956) “The report uses the filmograph technique to present the general movements of the continental army and navy from 1775 to 1783. Depicts the founding of the navy, the battle of Valcour Island, the bravery of John Paul Jones, and Washington’s strategy”
  5. Our Heritage (1966) “Our heritage of freedom as enunciated in the Declaration of Independence and brought to life for posterity by the founding fathers – military efforts of the nation to preserve these concepts from the revolutionary era to the present.”
  6. Dupont Theater: The Last Signer “An immigrant creates a furor when he signs his name to an original copy of the Declaration of Independence. Why did he do it?”
  7. NASA Destination Tomorrow – Episode 11 (6/1/2004) “NASA Destination Tomorrow Segment describing how NASA atmospheric scientists contributed to the conservation of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights”
  8. Liberty “An interesting salute to the Statue Of Liberty, and America in general.”
  9. Despotism (1946)
  10. Happy 4th of July, Mr. Jefferson “Guest: Floyd Abrams “
  11. The Big Picture: Our Heritage (1976) “In this episode The Big Picture describes the history of 4th of July – Independence Day”
  12. Allies Win Myitkyina Airstrip [Etc.] (1944) “Part 3, all U.S. artillery pieces in Normandy fire on the 4th of July. Gens. Eisenhower, Bradley, and Joseph Collins participate. French school children sing “America.””
  13. Movie Trailers (“Independence Day, 1940” Promotion) (1940) “Patriotic trailer shown in theaters prior to the fourth of July, 1940.”
  14. Hemp In Colonial Times “In 1994 we put together the first video ever to show our colonial founding fathers talking about hemp–a dramatization created from entries in the diaries of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin”
  15. Principles In Liberty 40 Thomas E Woods, Ron Paul
  16. Force of Citizens “Illustrates the formation of the National Army and Navy of the US at the time of the American Revolution.”
  17. 200 (1976) “This trippy tribute to our country’s 200th birthday was funded by a Bicentennial Project Grant and animated by Vincent Collins who made other psychedelic cartoons. This film was produced by the United States Information Agency.”
  18. Patriotic Popeye (1957) “Popeye’s nephews want to play with fireworks on July 4th, but Popeye tries to dissuade them. They manage to light some off and get into trouble. Popeye saves the day.”
  19. If Jefferson Were Here (1988) “Guest: Abrams, Floyd”
  20. Second Continental Congress
  21. American Experience: John and Abigail Adams (2006) “The Adams story provides a strikingly intimate look inside a marriage of true companions, says Deane, for whom life included not just the great events memorialized in textbooks, but also laughter, loneliness and family tragedy.”
  22. Allied View Of American Heritage, An (1965)
  23. Heart of a Hero, The (1916) “Biography of Revolutionary War patriot Nathan Hale.”
  24. Night of Decision “One Step Beyond: Night of Decision Season 3 Episode 21 First Aired 2/21/1961”
  25. America’s Presidents “9 minutes for 33 presidents.”
  26. Why We Fight: War Comes to America “”War Comes to America,” Chapter VII of Frank Capra’s “Why We Fight” series, begins by celebrating the American values of liberty and freedom that are threatened by the aggressive forces of Germany and Japan.”
  27. Hessian Renegades “1716 or the Hessian Renegades is a short silent film directed by D W Griffith in 1909. It tells the story of an American soldier carrying a message about a British Invasion who escapes to a friendly farmhouse.”
  28. Tom Schuler, Cobbler-Statesman (1958) “This animated film tells the story of Tom Schuler, an ordinary cobbler of the revolutionary era, who played a small but vital role in the history of our nation.”
  29. Challenge of Ideas, The (1961) “From a period synopsis: “Analyzes basic ideological differences between the U.S. and the communist state. Describes objectives and techniques used by the USSR to influence the peoples of the world. Describes the importance of keeping the U.S. strong spiritually and morally.”
  30. Americans: 1776 (1975) “Presents a view of everyday life during the time of the American Revolution. Shows the crafts, ways of life, and the differences of attitudes among various types of people living in the colonies.”
  31. The Hand of Providence: Boston Freed and other Miracles “Ron Mann discusses the hand of Providence in the founding of America. He concludes with the freeing of Boston from the the British in 1776.”

Here are 25+ Revolutionary War e-books for FREE download at (which I’m not affiliated with, by the way). There’s a menu on the left-side for each of these book’s webpages. If you click on a link for one of the e-book formats (like for Kindle), it creates the file on-the-fly so be patient when downloading.

If you find one you like, why don’t you leave a review & that will help another poor, gun-and-religion-clinging poor unfortunate American to find it in the future. 😀

Free E-Books:

  1. American heroes and heroines (1905) Bouvé, Pauline Carrington Rust, Mrs
  2. Anecdotes of the revolutionary war in America: with sketches of character of persons the most distinguished, in the Southern states, for civil and military services (1822) Garden, Alexander, 1757-1829
  3. The battle of April 19, 1775 : in Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville, and Charlestown, Massachusetts (1912) Coburn, Frank Warren, 1853-1923
  4. Battle maps and charts of the American Revolution, with explanatory notes and school history references ([1881]) Carrington, Henry Beebee, 1824-1912
  5. The beginnings of the American Revolution : based on contemporary letters, diaries, and other documents (1910) Chase, Ellen
  6. Camp-fires of the revolution : or, The War of Independence; illustrated by thrilling events and stories by the old continental soldiers Watson, Henry Clay, 1831-1869
  7. Camps and firesides of the revolution (1902) Hart, Albert Bushnell, 1854-1943; Hill, Mabel, b. 1864
  8. Captain Thomas Cook (1752-1841) a soldier of the Revolution ; (1909])
  9. Causes of the American revolution Woodburn, James Albert, 1856-1943
  10. The centennial book of the signers: being fac-simile letters of each signer of the Declaration of independence (1875) Brotherhead, William
  11. The Declaration of independence; (1904) Michael, William H. (William Henry), 1845-1916; United States Dept. of state
  12. The Declaration of independence, an interpretation and an analysis (1904) : Friedenwald, Herbert, 1870-1944
  13. The Declaration of independence; its history (1970) Hazelton, John H. (John Hampden)
  14. A dialogue between a southern delegate and his spouse, on his return from the grand Continental congress (in the year 1774) V., Mary V. pseud; Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826
  15. Documents illustrative of American history, 1606-1863; with introductions and references (1886)
  16. Familiar letters of John Adams and his wife Abigail Adams, during the Revolution : with a memoir of Mrs. Adams : Adams, John, 1735-1826
  17. “Fourth of July orations
  18. The grip of honor; a story of Paul Jones and the American revolution (1900)
  19. (1864)

  20. The history of the American Revolution (MDCCLXXXIX [1789]) John Adams Library copy contains minor annotations in Adams’s hand.
  21. The history of the American Revolution : including the most important events and resolutions of the Honourable Continental Congress during that period and also, the most interesting letters and orders of His Excellency General George Washington, commander in chief of the American forces (1805)
  22. An Impartial history of the war in America, between Great Britain and her colonies [microform] : from its commencement to the end of the year 1779; exhibiting a circumstantial, connected and complete account of the real causes, rise, and progress of the war, interspersed with anecdotes and characters of the different commanders, and accounts of such personages in Congress as have distinguished themselves during the contest, with an appendix containing a collection of interesting and authentic papers tending to elucidate the history (1780)
  23. John Adams, the Statesman of the American Revolution; with other essays and addresses, historical and literary (1899)
  24. Letters from a farmer in Pennsylvania, to the inhabitants of the British Colonies Dickinson, John, 1732-1808
  25. Lives of the signers to the Declaration of independence (1841) Goodrich, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1790-1862
  26. Marx and Engels on revolution in America. Neumann, Heinz, 1902-ca. 1937
  27. Military journal of the American Revolution, from the commencement to the disbanding of the American army, comprising a detailed account of the principal events and battles of the Revolution, with their exact dates, and a biographical sketch of the most prominent generals (1862)
  28. The poems of Philip Freneau, poet of the American revolution. Edited for the Princeton Historical Association by Fred Lewis Pattee (July 1902)
  29. Sally Wister’s journal, a true narrative; being a Quaker maiden’s account of her experiences with officers of the Continental army, 1777-1778 (c1902) Wister, Sarah, 1761-1804; Myers, Albert Cook, 1874-1960
  30. The signers of the Declaration of independence .. (1903) Hall, Harry Orville, 1846-
  31. The spy unmasked; or, Memoirs of Enoch Crosby, alias Harvey Birch, the hero of Mr. Cooper’s tale of the neutral ground: being an authentic account of the secret services which he rendered his country during the revolutionary war (1831)
  32. Tales of the revolution; being rare and remarkable passages of the history of the war of 1775 (c1835)
  33. Tales, traditions and romance of border and revolutionary times (c1864) Ellis, Edward Sylvester, 1840-1916; Beadle and Company.
  34. The truth about socialism : an analysis of the philosophy enunciated in the Declaration of American Independence, as compared with the philosophy of social democracy (c1912)
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